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Jane R. Wood, an award-winning author of seven books, speaks at book festivals, education conferences, and schools across the country. She has an extensive background in marketing, community relations, and education. Jane’s experience as a classroom teacher, newspaper reporter, and television producer was instrumental in creating and promoting her books and speaking to groups on a variety of subjects.

Jane published her first book in 2004. In 2007, she started her own publishing company, Florida Kids Press. Wood earned a BA from the University of Florida and an M.Ed from the University of North Florida.

She would welcome the opportunity to speak to your organization, school, conference, webinar, or podcast.

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Presentations Bookings Currently Available

Presentation for Authors on Marketing to Schools

Authors want to know how they can market their books to schools. Award-winning author and former teacher Jane R. Wood shares the many strategies she has used since 2004 to successfully market and sell her books to schools.  During Jane’s presentation, authors will learn how to:

  • Contact schools
  • Provide positive reinforcement to the schools’ curricula
  • Create educational resources for your book
  • Develop dynamic presentations for an author visit

Wood shows how both teachers and students can benefit from a meaningful connection with a published author.

This presentation lasts about 45-60 minutes.

Presentation for Parents on How to Get Kids Reading

Research shows that if students are not reading on grade level before leaving elementary school, they experience less success in their other subjects and in future grade levels. One of the best ways for students to improve their reading skills is to READ.

I will share ten tips that will help parents, grandparents, and caregivers encourage their kids to put down their devices and pick up a book instead.

This presentation can last 10-15 minutes and is perfect for a PTA/PTO meeting.

Presentation for Women’s Groups on Reinventing Myself

I share my journey of becoming an award-winning author after being downsized from a corporate position I loved.  As a former teacher, newspaper reporter, and television producer, I used my previous jobs and experiences to jumpstart and sustain my next career. The same strategies I used to become a successful author can be replicated by others to lead to a new endeavor.

This presentation lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Coaching for Authors

Schools are a lucrative market that can be pursued by authors of many different genres.

I offer coaching to authors and publishers who want to learn how to make their books attractive to the school market. One-on-one sessions are available, please contact me for more information.

A one-hour session costs $100.


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