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Jane R. Wood is the author of six award-winning juvenile fiction books and owner of Florida Kids Press. Wood says she fell in love with the magic of words in the 4th grade and has been writing ever since.


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Summer Reading Special on all five of Jane R. Wood’s books.

5 Book Special
Summer time is a great time to read a good book … and better yet, read a whole series that features the same characters in all five books. Follow the escapades of the Johnon family as they visit several historic cities where they encounter pirates, ghosts, endangered animals, and famous landmarks. Adventure and mystery seem to follow Joey, Bobby, and Katy wherever they go!
All books will be signed by the author and can be personalized to the recipient
Special good through July 20, 2024.

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Pirates, Manatees, and Mysteries! Oh My!

Welcome to the world of Jane Wood books. Juvenile fiction author Jane R. Wood captures the imagination of young readers ages 8-14 through stories rich with mystery, adventure, and humor. Follow the escapades of the Johnson family, as 13-year-old Joey hears voices in St. Augustine, 9-year-old Bobby has a close encounter with a manatee, 5-year-old Katy meets a pirate on Amelia Island, Bobby thinks he sees a ghost in historic South Carolina, and they all explore some of America’s earliest historic landmarks while visiting Boston. Wood weaves the history and the environment of her settings into her storylines, making her books educational, as well as fun.

Voices in St. Augustine

Adventures on Amelia Island

Trouble on the St. Johns River

Ghosts on the Coast

Lost in Boston

My Latest Release

Finding Family Treaure

Finding Family Treasure received a Silver Award from the Royal Palm Literary Awards.

“Who are we?” Ms. Johansson asks her class of fifth graders. Her perplexed students soon discover the lesson she wants them to learn. While studying the founding of their country, they are challenged to understand the melting pot that makes up the American people—both past and present.

Based on a class assignment, students hear family stories connecting them to America’s earliest immigrants and settlers, as well as to the historical events their ancestors witnessed or experienced. Not only do the young people uncover personal connections to the past, but sometimes, connections to each other. It’s a story that deals with complex issues such as diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, immigration, slavery, and antisemitism in an age-appropriate manner.

Jane was recently featured on  Dr. Judith Briles’ Podcast – “Author U – Your Guide to Book Publishing” Dr Briles asks Jane about working with Kathryn Knight in the creation of Finding Family Treasure. Genealogy for kids and the research behind it.

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Finding Family Treasure

“Finding Family Treasure is an entertaining and fun book for middle grade readers about the history and culture of America, expertly researched and written by authors K. I. Knight and Jane R. Wood. Told through the perspective of a diverse group of young students, the book brings American history to life for young readers. With additional resources and information about researching family history, this book may encourage readers to conduct their own research and produce a family tree. While the students learn about their own family histories, they also learn about their commonalities and shared history.”

Readers’ Choice Book Awards - January 2023

Trouble on the St. Johns River

“Trouble on the St. Johns River is an informative and fact-based book for young readers that will inspire them to get involved in protecting wildlife and their habitats. It’s a motivational story about how children CAN and DO make a difference.”

Patrick M. Rose

Executive Director, Save the Manatee Club

Voices in St. Augustine –

“This is a book for anyone who wants to know more about the country’s oldest city. The author has written a story that moves quickly and has a very nice ending that should lead to a series of novels about these characters.”

Midwest Book Review

Ghosts on the Coast

Ghosts on the Coast: A Visit to Savannah and the Low Country is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. The Mom’s Choice Awards honors excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. Parents and educators look for the Mom’s Choice Awards seal in selecting quality materials and products for children and families. This book/product has been honored by this distinguished award.

Mom's Choice Awards


Jane R. Wood's 5-Book Series Detail Flyer

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Discounts for Schools:

Discounts are offered to schools. Complete the School Discount Order Form and mail it to the address listed on the form, or scan it and email it to jane@janewoodbooks.com

Something For Published Authors

Are you an author wondering how to market your book to schools? Award-winning author and former teacher Jane R. Wood shows how both teachers and students can benefit from a meaningful connection with a published author.

Many authors want to know how they can market their books to schools. Juvenile fiction author and former teacher Jane R. Wood shares the many strategies she has used since 2004 to successfully market and sell her books to schools.

In her book titled Schools: A Niche Market for Authors, authors and publishers will learn how to:

  • Contact schools
  • Create educational resources for books
  • Develop dynamic presentations for an author visit
  • Provide positive reinforcement to the schools’ curricula


Royal Palm Literary Award Winner

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